constrained problem

constrained problem
задача с ограничениями

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  • Constrained generalized inverse — A constrained generalized inverse inverse is obtained by solving a system of linear equations with an additional constraint that the solution is in a given subspace. One also says that the problem is described by a system of constrained linear… …   Wikipedia

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  • Constrained optimization and Lagrange multipliers — This tutorial presents an introduction to optimization problems that involve finding a maximum or a minimum value of an objective function f(x 1,x 2,ldots, x n) subject to a constraint of the form g(x 1,x 2,ldots, x n)=k.Maximum and… …   Wikipedia

  • Knapsack problem — BKP redirects here. For other uses, see BKP (disambiguation). Example of a one dimensional (constraint) knapsack problem: which boxes should be chosen to maximize the amount of money while still keeping the overall weight under or equal to… …   Wikipedia

  • Degree-constrained spanning tree — In graph theory, a degree constrained spanning tree is a spanning tree where the maximum vertex degree is limited to a certain constant k. The degree constrained spanning tree problem is to determine whether a particular graph has such a spanning …   Wikipedia

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  • Quadratically constrained quadratic program — In mathematics, a quadratically constrained quadratic program (QCQP) is an optimization problem in which both the objective function and the constraints are quadratic functions. It has the form: egin{align} ext{minimize} frac12 x^ op P 0 x + q… …   Wikipedia

  • Orthogonal Procrustes problem — The orthogonal Procrustes problem [1] is a matrix approximation problem in linear algebra. In its classical form, one is given two matrices A and B and asked to find an orthogonal matrix R which most closely maps A to B. [2] Specifically …   Wikipedia

  • Barycentric-sum problem — Combinatorial number theory deals with number theoretic problems which involve combinatorial ideas in their formulations or solutions. Paul Erdős is the main founder of this branch of number theory. Typical topics include covering system, zero… …   Wikipedia

  • Bankruptcy problem — In mathematical sociology, and especially game theory, the bankruptcy problem is a distribution problem involving the allocation of a given amount of a perfectly divisible good among a group of agents. The focus is on the case where the amount is …   Wikipedia

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